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For the longest time, full-sized cooling units had a monopoly over households. They are efficient for sure, but the installation cost and maintenance can be quite a bulk on your budget. Thanks to modern Innovations, you have the mini-split ACs now. They are compact, ductless, and provide as much value as your old cooling system. 

Since they are two very different machines, the installation process is also quite different. The ductless one requires more precision and attention to nifty details so that there is no flaw in the primary installation. If you are going to invest in a mini-split anytime soon, Kirkwood Air Conditioning is here to help. 

As a highly experienced company, we have incredible mastery over the industry. With our skilled team of technicians and top-class resources, we will install the AC in your property with utmost perfection. When you choose us, we promise to fulfill all of your expectations and deliver more. So, if a seamless and hassle-free experience is all you are seeking, we are waiting to discuss further with you.

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It's a fact that the market is buzzing with new HVAC companies. The choice is up to you– would you prefer a novice company for a lower budget and allow them to mess up with your expensive AC? We don't think you'd do that. So go for Kirkwood, where our experienced guys know what exactly your system needs. From installation to any other sort of assistance, our team is there to guide you through every single step. 

Here are the top reasons why Kirkwood Air Conditioning is the best choice for your mini split AC installation project: 

Justified Pricing

Thanks to our immense understanding of customers' needs, we have devised a list of services that are reasonably priced. So basically, you get a host of premium services without breaking the bank! And if you're choosing a mini-split, it's already a lot more budget-friendly than other cooling systems. 

Industry-Specific Knowledge 

Our trained and certified technicians are well-aware of the complications of the job. Hence, they put their best foot forward to execute every project with equal attention and care. As a result, our installations are flawless! 


We value your time more than anything. We don't waste time waxing eloquent. Instead, we let our actions set an example. Our punctual team reaches out to you immediately after you schedule an appointment, and they make sure that your AC is installed in no time. 

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Kirkwood Air Conditioning aims to provide a long-lasting solution to your HVAC issues. When you decide to bring home a new mini-split AC, reach out to us right away. Our team of experts will carry out all the responsibilities, from helping you choose the right model to install it in your desired location. Our superior quality of work is what distinguishes us from other local companies. In case you require any assistance after you have installed the machine, we are just one call away. 

Have an experience of our world-class HVAC services, and we bet you won't feel like going anywhere else. Call us today!

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