It's Time To Demo Your Dehumidifier

        It’s time to rethink the term “cut the cord”.  This popular phrase which characterizes the use of streaming services in preference to standard cable tv needs to be re-coined as a means for ditching your old portable dehumidifier  
        Did you know there is a current recall on over 60 brands of portable dehumidifiers totalling 5.6 million units which have resulted in almost 800 house fires and caused over $24 million in damage!  Yikes. These  recalls stretch over a 10 year period to units which were manufactured as far back as 2003.

        If you have a portable dehumidifier in your home, be sure to check the nameplate on the back with the links below to find out if it is included in either the 2013 recall or the more recent 2016 recall.. If your unit is impacted , you may follow the instructions on the page to claim a refund for your defective dehumidifier.

So, Now What?   
        Humidity control in your home is essential to the health and comfort of your family, especially in the humid St. Louis summer.  A portable dehumidifier does have some advantages in that they are:

  • Fairly inexpensive for initial purchase
  • Easy to install for most any homeowner
  • Quick to begin dehumidifying an area

However, they also have drawbacks as well (beyond the risk of burning your house down): 

  • Most are not very energy efficient
  • Require constant emptying of the reservoir
  • Only control humidity in one area
  • Noisy to operate and must operate in plain site

There is a better way!  

        Consider a whole-home dehumidifier by Aprilaire ™.  Aprilaire is an industry leader in indoor air quality which extends far beyond your HVAC air filter.  A whole-home dehumidifier has a list of advantages over it’s portable counterparts including: 

  • Controlling the humidity in your entire home
  • Operate up to 4x more efficient than a portable unit
  • Operate more quietly and may be located out of site
  • More robust construction with better warranties

        Any midwesterner can agree that humid air feels warmer.  But, did you know that 70 degree air at 70% relative humidity feels the same as 80 degree air at just 40% relative humidity?  Imagine how comfortable your home could feel in the summer even when it’s scorching  outside.  And how much energy you could save by turning your thermostat up a few degrees while still maintaining a more ideal level of comfort.

        So, if you have a wet basement, a warmer 2nd floor than you’d like, or have to turn your house down to 68 degrees just to stay cool, consider a whole-home dehumidifier and start living comfortably while saving money.  

        Be sure to check back for an upcoming blog post with  a more in-depth discussion on the benefits of a whole-home dehumidifier and how your family can benefit from this product.

To find out more about a whole-home dehumidifier or to schedule a visit to discuss a solution for your home, call our team at 314-968-3453.